[VIDEO] Exoskeletons Offer Protection On Site

Jan. 28, 2020

With safety being of paramount importance for workers on risky job sites, innovators within the construction industry have created exoskeletons for workers to wear for added stability and protection. 

According to CIO Applications, these products can reduce stress on the worker's body while providing support, and enhancing the ability to work in a safe, fast, and efficient manner. Below are some exoskeleton options:

Sarcos Robotics, Guardian GT: The Guardian GT robot performs tasks in minutes, which usually take long hours for workers to complete manually. From basic labor-saving tasks like heavy lifting, to processes like welding and joining, the human-controlled industrial robot provides a combination of dexterity and strength for the operator.

Levitate, Airframe: The Airframe transfers the weight of the arms from the shoulders, neck, and upper back to the outside of the hips, evenly distributing energy to reduce stress. According to the company, it slips easily on and off, and moves with the wearer without intruding into the workspace or limiting motion. 

Ekso Bionics, Eksovest: EksoVest is an exoskeleton upper-body suit that elevates and supports a worker’s arms to assist them with tasks ranging from chest height, to overhead. According to the company, operators become less tired over the course of their shift when wearing the Eksovest.

Bioservo, The Ironhand: The Ironhand strengthens the human grip, and prevents strain while working on site. The system uses an active soft exoskeleton consisting of a glove, covering all five fingers and is powered by a power pack worn in a backpack. According to the company, the glove is equipped with artificial tendons and pressure sensors that trigger motors installed in the power pack.