High-Speed Train to California Set for 2020

Aug. 29, 2019

Las Vegas city and economic leaders at the Nevada Economic Development Conference discussed building a high-speed train between the Las Vegas strip and California, which would connect more than 22 million people. According to a report by KTNV, Virgin Trains USA says it’s now ready to move forward after successfully completing routes in Florida. 

According to Bob O’Malley, the VP for Virgin Trains USA, construction is set to begin in 2020, and will take three years to complete. The rail will be able to make the trip from Las Vegas to Victorville, California in about 75 minutes. It will travel the distance of 185 miles nonstop, at speeds up to 150 mph. 

The rail line is set at over $4 billion to complete the project.

Source: KTNV News Las Vegas