[VIDEO] Residents Call Texas I-10 Construction ‘A Death Trap’

July 23, 2019

Residents in Boerne, Texas, are voicing concerns over what they’re calling a “death trap,” referring to the I-10 corridor, which has been under construction for almost two years. 

According to KENS 5, TxDOT started the project in September of 2017 to expand the main lanes and add an HOV lane to the stretch of roadway. However, residents who travel along the freeway are calling it extremely dangerous. 

According to the article, these residents claim the site’s tight barriers don’t allow room for error, and have unclear lane markers. Speeding drivers in the construction zone also make the site even harder to navigate.

Lilia Voigt, a Boerne resident, sent a letter to TxDOT commissioners asking them to do something about these safety issues. Voigt, like several others, hopes TxDOT will address the safety concerns expressed throughout the community. 

“It is absolutely the worst construction I've ever seen,” she told KENS 5.

Source: KENS 5