How IoT Applications Improve Construction

July 17, 2019

Construction companies that adopt Internet of Things (IoT) devices on the job have benefitted from the increased efficiency the technology offers, according to an article in IoT For All. The article reports that the leading drivers of adoption include increasing productivity, better managing maintenance, and security and safety.


Since the construction sector is conditioned by deadlines, IoT can enable more “readiness” and efficiency. It leaves people with less menial work, and allows them to interact with project owners and among themselves to improve projects.


Power and fuel can be wasted if not actively managed. Since IoT provides real-time information, managers are able to check the status of every asset, schedule maintenance stops, or refuel and turn off idle equipment. Field sensors can also monitor materials condition, like the suitability of the temperature or humidity of the item/environment. 

Safety and security 

Using IoT-enabled tags can help resolve any theft of items or materials, as the sensors will notify managers of an item’s current location. IoT also allows for the creation of a digital real-time job site map, and includes a list of risks associated with the work. Certain programs will also notify workers when getting closer to any risk.

Technology options

Installing trackers on UAVs and drones brings huge convenience to the project manager as well, providing the tools to gather accurate survey maps and aerial images of a job site. 

IoT concrete curing, where sensors are embedded in concrete during casting, allows users to follow curing of concrete in real time. 

IoT wearables, such as smart-glasses with AR, VR, and MR capabilities, allow workers to view project instructions through the lenses while performing job tasks. 

Source: IoT For All