Worker Safety Tracker Adds Access Control

June 28, 2019

Triax Technologies’ Spot-R clip was originally intended to detect when workers experienced a sudden fall, and pinpoint their location within a job site for safety responders. ENR reports that the clip has gotten a few new features over the years, including integration with access control checkpoints on job sites.

The access control feature uses the existing Triax network to track workers on site, working on low-energy Bluetooth in addition to its own network. According to the article, the technology doesn’t record workers’ exact locations, only narrows them down to predefined zones on the job site. The passive system also does not have GPS, and doesn’t track the wearer once they leave the site. 

“Right now we log when people come and go when they come into range of our network,” Pete Schermerhorn, CEO of Triax, told ENR. “The Spot-R technology locates workers via a custom wireless network setup on the job site.”

This information is visible via the Spot-R dashboard, and can be set up to work with other existing access-control systems.

 While the clips aren’t suited for every site, the company has targeted it toward vertical construction and similar multistory jobs. Gilbane Construction, for example, has used Spot-R tracking devices on over 20 job sites in the last two years. 

Don Nabler, Gilbane senior VP, told ENR the clips have not only helped with avoiding fall incidents, but in reducing repetitive stress on workers making short drops while traversing a site.

“And it’s not just from a repetitive injury standpoint, it’s from a twisted ankle or busted knee standpoint. It’s been a huge positive for us,” he said. 

Source: ENR