Trump Signs Disaster Relief Bill, Gives Billions to Infrastructure

June 10, 2019

President Trump has signed a package containing $19.1 billion in disaster-relief funds. According to ENR, more than half will go toward infrastructure and related work to help storm-battered regions of the U.S. rebuild from hurricanes, floods, and other disasters.

The legislation, signed on June 6, received final congressional approval three days earlier when the House passed it in  a 354-58 vote.

The construction-related funding in the package includes $3.2 billion for the Army Corps of Engineers to do repairs and speed construction of flood and hurricane protection projects. The Dept. of Defense will receive $2.7 billion to repair and reconstruction facilities at military bases.

Lawmakers also allocated $1.65 billion in emergency relief funds to the Federal Highway Administration to reimburse states and territories for their post-storm repairs and other expenditures. In addition, $2.4 billion will go toward Housing and Urban Development Department community development disaster-relief block grants.

Source: ENR