[VIDEO] Boring Co. Races Teslas Above Ground and in Tunnel

May 28, 2019

The Boring Co., Elon Musk’s tunneling company, posted a video showing two Teslas racing to the same location: one on the road in normal traffic, and the other in the 1.14-mile tunnel that runs underneath SpaceX’s headquarters in Hawthorn, California.

In the video, posted on Twitter, the Tesla in the tunnel hit a maximum speed of 127 mph before beating the street Telsa by several minutes

The race was run less than 24 hours after the Boring Co. received its first approval to dig a pair of tunnels beneath the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Although Musk aims to clear traffic on the streets with underground tunnels, transportation advocates are worried a new tunnel network for cars will create more above-ground congestion as they line up to enter.