Cemen Tech Introduces New Concrete Management Tools

March 13, 2019

Cemen Tech has added AP Office and AP Mobile to its ACCU-POUR technology suite for volumetric concrete mixers. The cloud-based solution allows production communication between office and mixers.

After an order is placed, dispatch enters the job parameters into AP Office, which transmits them to AP Mobile, which wirelessly sends all information to the mixer. The operator completes the pour, while all production data is automatically sent back to AP Office for analysis.

AP Office is the front-end solution for scheduling, dispatch, and fleet-management functions. The software allows business owners to keep track of the status and location of each mixer in their fleet in real-time. The program also documents and stores all mixer production statistics.

AP Mobile is designed for use on a phone, tablet, or mobile device. The software allows users to wirelessly send and receive production data between AP Office and the mixer, as well as view mixing parameters in real-time. Once a pour is complete, final job data syncs automatically with AP office.

Source: Cemen Tech