Accella Releases New “Leak Alert” Coloring for TLC Line

Feb. 22, 2019

Accella Tyre Fill Systems has unveiled a new color—neon red—for its TLC Tyre and Rim Protection that it says will deliver greater safety and functionality to field operators and drivers of off-the-road vehicles. TLC is a protective coating that conditions the wheel and maintains cooler tire operating temperatures. This helps to eliminate premature failures caused by rust, and other deterioration.

The product can be added to the tire air chamber and the inside of rims to provide rust protection, and extend the life of tires and rims. Its new red color also makes it easier for operators to identify and catch early-stage rim cracks and leaks that can lead to tire equipment failure on the job site.

Since weather-borne effects are one of the biggest detriments to mining equipment wheels, according to the company, the product maintains cooler operating conditions, even in extreme hot and cold.

Mike Arnold, general manager and VP, said “Our TLC Tyre and Rim Protection formula is a mainstay of our end-to-end technology solution offered for the OTR marketplace, and most specifically, the mining industry, where temperature extremes and volatile working conditions can take a toll on tyres—creating both performance and safety risks for field operators.”

Source: Accella Tyre Fill Systems