Self-Driving Truck Startup Raises $52 Million for Autonomous Model

Feb. 12, 2019

Ike, a self-driving truck startup, has raised $52 million in financing for the company’s Series A autonomous model. The company says self-driving trucks will help the trucking industry address the driver shortage, new regulations, and increasing accident rates.

In an Ike blog post, the company says technology that “helps drivers rather than replacing them” is the way the industry should be headed. By focusing on highway operations, Ike says it can build a self-driving truck that creates better truck driving jobs.

According to an article in AUVSI, the company says its autonomous truck development is based on “rigorous requirements.” The team of developers will include truck drivers as well as engineers who have worked on self-driving vehicle teams in the past.

“We think self-driving trucks can help solve these challenges,” the company wrote in its. “We’ve spent our careers building new technologies, from electric motorcycles to wind turbines to self-driving cars. We came together over a passion for trucking, and created Ike with a mission to make trucks safer, truckers more valuable, and trucking more efficient.”

Source: Ike Medium & AUVSI