VIDEO: Caterpillar Releases VR Training Kit for Paving Applications

Feb. 13, 2019

Caterpillar Safety Services has announced the development of Cat Safety virtual reality, a new training module customized for paving applications. The new simulation immerses the trainee into a virtual rural highway construction site so they can learn to identify hazards in a safe, controlled environment.

The program kit includes a gaming laptop preloaded to run the program, a virtual reality headset system, mount stand kit, and transport case. Cat Safety VR is also mobile, so users can easily transport the kit to conduct training.

Once the headset is on, trainees are immersed in a series of five scenarios, designed to show employees the hazards associated with paving a highway near live traffic. After receiving instructions from the foreman, the user advances to the taper to inspect and installs traffic control devices. These scenarios help users identify blind spots, safely navigate around equipment, and improve communication with workers.

Each decision made offers positive reinforcement for the correct action, or a memorable negative consequence for an unsafe choice.

Tens of thousands of traffic accidents and hundreds of deaths are logged annually at road construction sites through the U.S. In-depth training related to specific road construction hazards, and learning the importance of following proper procedure, can help reduce the number of incidents.

“Cat Safety VR helps the trainee learn how to interact with coworkers, other contractors and the equipment, all in a safe and controlled environment,” Justin Ganschow, safety services business development manager, said in a Cat press release. “For both new and experienced employees, VR is an effective and memorable experience to support the company’s overall safety training program and advances the safety culture.”

Source: Caterpillar