Ready Mix Firm Deploys Lytx DriveCam Program

Jan. 23, 2019

The Caillier Group, operating more than 500 ready mix concrete and aggregate trucks, will implement Lytx Driver Safety Program and DriveCam Event Recorders, according to Lytx. The California group includes Associated Ready Mix Concrete (Associated RMC), CEMAK Trucking, and A & A Concrete Supply.

The Lytx program designed specifically for Caillier Group combines video capture of road incidents, such as sudden swerving or hard braking, data analysis of those incidents, and personalized coaching insights to improve driving behavior.

“The Caillier Group has always put safety first, but, as you can imagine, having a fleet of more than 500 vehicles on the road has presented entirely different challenges and a greater responsibility to the communities we serve,” Richard Aceves, Caillier Group director of safety, health, and risk management said in a Lytx press announcement. “Having seen the benefits of video telematics with other fleets I’ve worked with, I saw Lytx as a resource to improve the safety culture that already existed within our business.”

In a pilot of the program, Lytx said the company saw a 49-percent decrease in collision frequency and a 45-percent decrease in severity of collisions. In addition, five drivers were exonerated and several fraudulent claims were defended or denied because of video evidence.

“Face-to-face trainings were essential to our team in exploring the value and benefits the program could provide,” Aceves said. “The Lytx team went the extra mile to prove its commitment to our unique needs. Those meetings showed the respect Lytx has for our drivers and signaled the respect and care we could expect once we deployed the program.”

According to Lytx, drivers soon understood the value of the program. Within the first several weeks of the deployment, an Associated RMC driver performed a defensive maneuver to dodge a swerving biker in his lane, avoiding a potential fatality. The DriveCam Event Recorder captured the event and the footage was used to reward the driver for his defensive driving behavior. Soon after, another driver at CEMAK was exonerated for an incident in which he was falsely accused, with Lytx video footage clearly showing the other vehicle swerved into his lane. This footage proved the CEMAK’s driver’s innocence, saving the company from any potential backlash or litigation fees.

“Sharing these anecdotes with the rest of the fleet helped drivers see the system as an opportunity to add value to their teams, protecting drivers and those with whom they interact,” Aceves said. “It reminded our drivers that Lytx provides a system that will help them grow by improving their driving skills and reducing unsafe behaviors through positive coaching for the betterment of the employee, the company, and the community at large.”

Source: Lytx