6 Ways to Keep Machines Up and Running

Nov. 14, 2019
The folks at Volvo Construction Equipment have summarized six ways to help fleets ensure uptime.

The folks at Volvo Construction Equipment have summarized six ways to help fleets ensure uptime.

While utilizing any of these tips alone can benefit an operation, taken together they can make a long-term positive contributions to project successes.


Real-time remote monitoring is just one of the many benefits telematics can offer to boost uptime. It makes sure small issues are identified, checked, and solved all in real time, preventing small problems from becoming time-consuming breakdowns.

Telematics also helps in identifying incorrect operator behavior, so that it may be corrected before it can have a negative impact on the machine. Finally, it combines remote diagnostics and expert knowledge, meaning the iron can be fixed quickly.


These experts can diagnose and resolve problems more quickly because they are familiar with the complexity of the machine and are equipped with the right diagnostic software, machine-specific specialized tools, and have undergone dedicated machine training.


Volvo refers to the entire parts process as supply-chain management. Machines are made up of hundreds of individual parts that are sourced by factories around the world. If a manufacturer has automated supply chains with real-time inventory status, it can ensure that spare parts are available.

That means parts can arrive quickly, reach remote areas, and be available on nights and weekends.

Operator training

In seven out of 10 cases, Volvo says, machine downtime is caused by human error.  So correct operation reduces accident-related downtime, downtime caused by excessive machine wear, and it also prevents misuse of the machine.

OEM parts

Machines usually perform their best with genuine manufacturer parts. These parts ensure optimum performance and are designed to work in harmony with allied components. They also minimize machine wear and have been extensively tested in multiple applications and conditions.

Right-sized machines

Machines can range from under a ton to more than 100 tons—each is perfect for a particular task. So before making a choice, consider the application, contract length (the amount of time given to complete a job), site conditions, location, and choose the optimum size machine for the task.