Polaris Releases Pro XD Models

Dec. 11, 2018
Machines combine durability, serviceability, and safety, with the ability to withstand tough work environments

The Polaris Pro XD UTV series includes 2000D and 4000D models, powered by a Kubota Tier 4-F diesel engine with 24.5 horsepower. Both models feature an upgraded towing capacity at 2,500 pounds, and hauling capacity of 1,250 pounds, along with heavy-duty driveline components built to resist corrosive conditions. Heavy-duty Kevlar vinyl seats are built to resist punctures and tears, and the P90X clutch supplies better durability and belt life than predecessor models.

The Pro XD 2000D is also offered in a 2-wheel drive version.

Both Pro XD models include serviceability improvements such as underhood front air intake for cleaner ingestion, and side access to the air filter and dipstick for smooth daily maintenance checks. An on-board digital display also sounds an alarm to notify users of any critical faults. Four tires of identical sizes are nondirectional, allowing easy replacement. Both models also include common set keys for easy vehicle fleet management.

Top speed is 25 mph, although an optional kit is available for 15 mph top speed.

”Right now utility vehicles can go way too fast,” said Nick Snidarich, Polaris product management specialist. “Job sites also have speed limits on their sites, and one of the highest you’ll see is 25 mph. So that’s what we made this vehicle, it won’t go any faster than 25 mph, and there are even some customers who want slower, so we also offer a 15 mph kit.”

Polaris has also incorporated wider foot wells, and additional upgrades to the vehicle cab.

“If you’re a construction worker, you’re getting in and out of this vehicle probably 100 times a day,” he said. “We made the area about 5 inches wider, so it’s a lot easier for you to get in and out. With this new cab, we [also] have all new sealed doors for better dust protection.”

Standard safety features include a backup alarm, horn, mechanical parking brake, and the requirement to start in park with a foot on the brake. Orange seatbelts and decals on the vehicles also allow for higher visibility on a job site.

“We [added orange belts] because if you’re a job-site foreman and you’ve got a huge construction site, it’s a lot easier to see someone not wearing their seatbelts,” Snidarich said. “Most of our competitors have black seat belts, and it's a lot harder to see that.”

Some vehicles also offer a seatbelt airlock, which uses a flashing warning light to alert drivers about driving without a seatbelt.

Additional features above the base vehicle are also offered to customers, including accessories like windshields, roofs, doors, and rear panels. Safety, durability, and utility, and convenience upgrades are also available.