Port Huron, MI Plans Continuity of Bridge to Bay Trail System

Sept. 28, 2010

The city of Port Huron will construct approximately 1/4-mile of non-motorized trail that will provide continuity along St. Clair County's Bridge to Bay Trail system by connecting the existing trail where it currently ends at Glenwood Avenue and Merchant Street, to where the trail resumes in Pine Grove Park. The project includes construction of a 10-foot-wide concrete non-motorized trail that will run along the south side of Glenwood Avenue from Merchant Street to Fort Street, and then parallel the east side of Fort Street to Merchant Street. The path will then follow the west side of Merchant Street (also called Michigan) until Huron Avenue, where it will connect to an existing concrete trail on the east side of the road at the south end of Pine Grove Park. The proposed trail will provide spectacular views of the St. Clair River, Blue Water Bridge and passing Great Lakes freighters. The project budget is $163,023, including $130,418 in federal funds and $32,605 in local match from the city of Port Huron.