Noregon Systems

Sept. 28, 2010

Noregon Systems has released their newest addition to the JPRO Fleet Diagnostics software family of products. JPRO Fleet Diagnostics v2.6 offer vehicle diagnostics for heavy-duty trucks will now include medium-duty and light-duty OBD II capability for mixed fleets. Vehicle technicians will be able to read trouble codes, diagnose bad sensors, clear codes, and read the same enhanced parameters as dealership technicians on any car or light truck built in the United States after January 1, 1006. The kit will come complete with the JPRO Fleet Diagnostics software, JPRO Data Link Adapters for heavy-duty and light-duty vehicles, and two different JPRO cables in a rugged case for safe storage. Existing customers using JPRO Fleet Diagnostics v2.5 for heavy-duty vehicles may upgrade to JPRO Fleet Diagnostics v2.6 by contacting Noregon Systems directly at (336) 768-4337 or visit