2007-2008 AEMP Board of Directors

Sept. 28, 2010

Ronald P. Hutchinson, CEM, President, Barrett Paving Materials, 513/460-0338, [email protected]

Richard J. Brannigan, CEM, President-Elect, John R. Jurgensen Co., 513/326-3675, [email protected]

Matt Bush, CEM, Secretary/Treasurer, The Ruhlin Company, 330/239-2800, [email protected]

Marilyn Rawlings, CEM, Immediate Past President, Lee County Fleet Mgmt, 239/338-3233, [email protected]

Theresa F. Anderson, CEM, Vice President, Parsons, 253/735-8930, [email protected]

Michael A. Bates, CEM, Vice President, Cajun Constructors Inc., 877/428-5783, [email protected]

Sam Houston, CEM, Vice President, City of Jacksonville, 904/381-8263, [email protected]

Elected Members

Rebecca Brown, Director of Associates, QUALCOMM, 858/658-2032, [email protected]

Kevin Fritzinger, CEM, Director of Construction Fleets, Independence Construction Materials, 610/960-3177, [email protected]

Bill VandenBrook, CEM, Director of Public Fleets, City of Madison, 608/246-4546, [email protected]

Appointed Directors

Daryl Crear, Rumke of Ohio, 513/851-0122, [email protected]

Lorne Fleming, CEM, Grace Pacific Corporation, 808/672-4435, [email protected]

Bill Prussman, CEM, Lee County Fleet Management, 239/338-3233, [email protected]

Greg Kittle, CEM, Ryan Inc. Central, 608/754-2291, Email: [email protected]

Robert Andrade, CEM, Parsons, 253/863-5200, [email protected]

Robert Decker, Liaison to the Foundation of AEMP, P.J. Dick/Trumbull, 412/205-1502, [email protected]

Rick Blesi, Construction Equipment, 630/288-8140, [email protected]

Peter Causer, Volvo, 828/650-2010, [email protected]

Matt Di Iorio, Associated Equipment Distributors, 630/574-0650, [email protected]

Will McFadyen, McFadyen & Associates, 919/341-8595, [email protected]

Carl Porter, John Deere, 740/321-1343, [email protected]


Stan Orr, CAE, Executive Director (Exofficio), 970/384-0510; [email protected]

Editorial Committee

Rod Sutton, Chairman, Construction Equipment, 630/288-8130, [email protected]

Leo Holland, Vice Chairman, 215/255-5781, [email protected]

J. Daryl Syler, City of Little Rock, 501/918-4208, [email protected]

Irene Grant, City of Abilene, 325/676-6449, [email protected]

Stan Orr, CAE, Publisher, AEMP, 970/384-0510, [email protected]

Bill VandenBrook, CEM, City of Madison, 608/246-4546, [email protected]

AEMP's Allied Organizations

Network with fellow leaders in the equipment-management industry.

AEMP's Allied Organizations

Network with fellow leaders in the equipment-management industry. Invite your staff to participate in learning best practices in equipment management. AEMP chapters are a wealth of information and education. They welcome involvement by members and nonmembers alike.

Baltimore/Washington, Ed Gestido, Gray and Son, 410/771-4311, [email protected]


Mike Bates, CEM, Cajun Constructors, 877-428-5783, [email protected]

Central Illinois

Dan Augstin, CEM, City of Bloomington, 309/434-2323, [email protected]

Central Indiana

Michael Lockhart, Infrastructer Contractors, 317/770-7503, [email protected]

Central Ohio

Ron Wallace, George J. Igel & Co., 614/445-8421, [email protected]

Dayton/Miami Valley

Randy Lykins, CEM, Shook Inc., 937/274-0880, [email protected]


Joe Miller, Miller Bros, 407/876-6718, [email protected]


Ed Poston, P.J. Dick/Trumbull, 412/205-1500, [email protected]


Ron Hutchinson, CEM, Barrett Paving Materials, 513/460-0338, [email protected]

AEMP National Headquarters, P.O. Box 1368, Glenwood Springs, CO 81602, Phone: 970/384-0510; Fax: 970/384-0512, E-mail: [email protected], Home page: www.aemp.org

The subscription rate for members is $30, which is included in the Association's annual dues. The U.S. subscription rate for non-members is $75 for one year and $140 for two years. Canadian subscribers add $5 per year; all other non-U.S. subscribers add $10 per year. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to: Association of Equipment Management Professionals, P.O. Box 1368, Glenwood Springs, CO 81602.

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