Hemisphere GradeMetrix Machine Control Software

March 7, 2017

Hemisphere GNSS GradeMetrix is next-generation, core software (optional Windows 10 and Android) designed to empower heavy equipment manufacturers to deliver their own branded machine control and guidance solutions to their customers.

“For the first time in our industry, Hemisphere is announcing an OEM toolkit that includes GradeMetrix software for developing and delivering scalable machine control systems,” states Randy Noland, vice president of global sales and marketing with Hemisphere. “These new products and design services empower OEM customers with unprecedented flexibility and price points for designing, complementing, and delivering their own scalable solutions,” Noland adds. “GradeMetrix is the catalyst for delivering a new generation of positioning systems by removing multiple barriers to higher adoption, especially to smaller machines and markets.”

Manufacturers  looking for flexibility and price performance in existing system offerings or in new systems will find Hemisphere's “full system OEM positioning solution toolkit” useful for building powerful, easy to use, complete machine control and guidance systems. The OEM toolkit includes IronOne Rugged Display & Computer, C321 RTK Base & Rover with SiteMetrix Site Management Software, A326 Rugged GNSS Smart Antenna, Vector VR500 Rugged All-in-One Smart Antenna, and Vector VR1000 Rugged GNSS Receiver.

Visit Hemisphere at ConExpo booth G71925.