H&E Equipment Partners with Trench Box Maker


Safety & Security

Trench shoring equipment
The GroundWorks trench box.

H&E Equipment Services (H&E) has entered into the specialty rental business by adding a trench safety product line and establishing an exclusive partnership with GroundWorks Safety Systems (GroundWorks).

As a result of the partnership, H&E has the exclusive U.S. rights for GroundWorks trench boxes.

Trench boxes, one of the most difficult products to handle in the trench safety industry, are now simpler and safer to use, the company says. With a zero-fail rate and less than a 1 percent repair rate, GroundWorks’ patented, pre-engineered, high-tensile steel products are revolutionizing trenching and shoring on job sites.

Boxes can be assembled in under 15 minutes with only one machine, one operator, and one worker, dramatically reducing job site costs, according to the company. They lock tight the moment they are lifted, eliminating the inherent danger and difficulty of setup and takedown. Workers no longer need to be under a suspended load or in the line of fire.

“Our 60 years in business have always been about equipment solutions, strategically growing product lines and locations,” said H&E president and CEO Brad Barber. “Over the last three years we’ve expanded our fleet of earthmoving products to all branches across the U.S., positioning us to enter the specialty market. We have a long history in dirt, and GroundWorks offered the right product and reliability to enhance our earthmoving business.”

GroundWorks president and CEO Jim Foley said, “We knew H&E was a solid company with a focus on earthmoving rental products, so our businesses were a good match. But after hearing Brad Barber share his heart with employees regarding attitude and culture, we were incredibly impressed with the sincerity of the company, its leadership, and its focus on safety. We saw that H&E took care of both its employees and customers, and we knew that it was the type of company we wanted to align with. There’s good reason why H&E was named one of the Top 100 Most Trustworthy Companies by Forbes.”

“We had been planning our entry into the specialty rental business, and GroundWorks offered the product solution and culture to come alongside us to reach pipeline, oil and gas, chemical, industrial, and civil projects," Barber said. "Together, we can make trenching jobs safer, more efficient, and cost-effective. We’re excited about getting in the trenches with GroundWorks.”

Source: H&E Equipment Services