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HCSS Announces Unlimited User Plan & Pricing


HCSS announces an Unlimited User Plan that allows construction businesses to empower every employee with HCSS software.

The Unlimited User Plan gives any number of users access to HCSS software for estimating, operations, and fleet management for a mere 0.2 percent of revenue or less.

“Previously, anyone that wanted to use an HCSS solution had to have a user license or wait their turn to use the system," says Mike Rydin, CEO of HCSS. “By equipping every employee that needs to use any part of the HCSS solutions suite, every business can be more efficient, collaborative, and data-driven.”

Under the plan, companies never have to ration access to HCSS solutions. No matter how many users and products are added, the cost is always based on a percentage of revenue.

HCSS says access to its core suite of software provides benefits in:

  • Estimating, Bidding, and Planning–Keep the team apprised of any changes in estimates, bids, and plans, so everyone has the information they need. Give everyone a single source of project pipeline information, note storage, important links, pictures, internal dates, and more.
  • Field Operations-Laborers, operators, drivers, office staff, mechanics, flaggers—everyone in a company can benefit from getting instant communications, recording their hours, equipment usage, meter readings, equipment inspections, and safety observations, all of which integrate with the rest of the HCSS platform.
  • Management–Give executives better data for more informed decision-making.
  • Safety Management-Everyone responsible for safety in an organization has access to templated safety meetings, JHAs, inspections, and reporting.
  • Fleet Maintenance–Communicate data at every step of the process with project managers, foremen, dispatchers, and estimators.