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Hamm HD+ Rollers


Paving Equipment & Materials Production

Hamm introduced the first HD+ tandem vibratory rollers at World of Asphalt, the HD+ 120 and HD+ 140 with operating weights of 13.2 and 15.4 tons and drum widths of 78 and 84 inches replace Hamm’s HD 120 and HD 130. Each size of compactor will be available in three models: the HD+ 120 or 140 VV, with vibration in both drums; the HD+ 120 or 140 VO, with vibration in the front and Hamm’s Oscillation compaction in the rear; and the HD+ 120 or 140 VV HF, offering high-frequency vibration to 4,020 vpm. Frequency and amplitude can now be controlled independently on either drum, providing increased flexibility in the roll train. The HD+ Series' offset capability has been increased 3 inches, to nearly 7 inches, allowing better control in close corners and pinching of longitudinal joints.

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