Hamm Compact Asphalt Rollers

March 25, 2011

Relaunched compact line of asphalt rollers have been upgraded with new Kubota engines. Models include HD 8 VV, with a drum width of 31.5 inches; the 39-inch HD 10 VV and the slightly smaller HD 10 C VV; the 47-inch HD 12 VV; the 51-inch HD 13 VV; and the 54-inch HD 14 VV. The line also offers combination rollers. The HD 10 VT, HD 12 VT, HD 13 VT and HD 14 VT are combination models with smooth drum in front, and four smooth pneumatic tires in rear. The Compact Line offers hydrostatic dual drum drive, automatic/manual vibration system, hydrostatic articulated steering and excellent maneuverability. Key features of the Compact Line include its excellent visibility, low profile and ease of handling, superb driving characteristics, high compaction force and low center of mass.