Staff | September 28, 2010

Halex CoilThe Halex Coil fits over a conventional oil filter and creates a magnetic field (within the filter) that pulls both ferrous and non-ferrous metal particles from the dirty-oil stream. According to the manufacturer, the powerful, rare-earth neodymium magnet positioned at the base of the coil draws contaminant particles (too small for the filter to trap) to the sides of the filter canister, where they are kept from circulation. (Rare-earth magnets, says Halex, are as much as 100 times stronger than conventional magnets.) Also, says Halex, the coil can trap non-ferrous particles by “sandwiching” them between ferrous particles, and also by the phenomenon of “paramagnetism,” which involves magnetization and attraction of non-ferrous particles. Even with the coil, says Halex, oil analysis remains effective, because new base-line numbers are established for both new and old engines.