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Guntert & Zimmerman S850SL Concrete Paver Adds Track Options


Concrete Pavers

G&Z S850SL concrete paver now offers its AccuSteer Slew Drive Track Control System and SmartLeg Swing Leg System. AccuSteer consists of slew drives that are mounted on top of the crawler track yokes that are used to steer the tracks in lieu of steering cylinders. The operator can independently rotate the tracks almost a full circle. Working in tandem with AccuSteer, SmartLeg allows the operator to adjust the swing leg angle on the fly while automatically keeping the crawler track straight ahead. The system also permits the process for transforming the S850SL into transport configuration to be semi-automated. Using the combination of the 90 degree, AccuSteer and SmartLeg, the four swing bolsters and crawler tracks are semi-automatically walked into the outboard, transport position in about 30 minutes.

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