GUCA Holds Membership Meeting In Macon, Ga.

Staff | September 28, 2010

The Georgia Utility Contractors Association recently held an area membership meeting in Macon, Ga. More than 40 registrants attended this dinner meeting, which featured a seminar spotlighting the Public Service Commission's proposal for marking standards. The seminar was presented by Gary Mason of the Public Service Commission.

Mason mentioned several areas of consideration for establishing marking standards for buried utilities. These included mandating or strongly recommending white lining by the excavator; identifying multiple facilities by same facility owner/operator within the tolerance zone; standard conduit marking; identifying facility owners/operators within marks; identifying size and type of facility; identifying extension of facilities outside area of proposed excavation; location and frequency of identifying markings;appropriateness of markings to terrain; establishing uniformity of depth; and identifying alterations in the path of the facility.

GUCA members and guests were also updated on upcoming events, safety classes and industry issues.

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