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Grove GMK5180-1, GMK5200-1 All-Terrain Cranes

The five-axle Grove GMK5180-1 and GMK5200-1 all-terrain cranes have several boom and jib combinations.

August 14, 2015

The five-axle Grove GMK5180-1 and GMK5200-1 all-terrain cranes offer several boom and jib combinations. The cranes have a 210-foot main boom that can be extended with two 26-foot inserts and a 56-foot swing-away jib with 40-degree offset. The 180-ton-capacity GMK5180-1 has a maximum counterweight of 50 tons, and the 200-ton-capacity GMK5200-1 has a maximum counterweigh of 70 tons.

The cranes have a VIAB turbo retarder clutch, which eliminates both fluid overheating and clutch burning, while enabling wear-free starting and braking, according to Grove. A Tier 4-Final Mercedes-Benz OM471LA engine delivers 520 horsepower and maximum torque of 1,814 lb.-ft. The engine drives the carrier and powers the superstructure. The cranes have Grove’s patented Megatrak independent suspension as well as the all-wheel steer system.

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The five-axle GMK5150 and GMK5150L all-terrain cranes replace the GMK5130-2 and GMK5110-1, respectively

The GRT8100 and GRT880 rough-terrain cranes replace the RT890E and RT880E, respectively.

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