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Grove GMK4090 All Terrain Crane


All Terrain Cranes

Grove GMK4090 all-terrain crane has a compact design

“Road-ability” and maneuverability are the essential design features of the GMK4090 all-terrain crane, says manufacturer Manitowoc. The new all-terrain has a compact design that uses a 167-foot, six-section, Megaform boom that incorporates Grove’s Twin-Lock pinning system. A 49-foot, bi-fold, swing-away jib with a 20-foot extension provides a total jib length of 69 feet. Machine travel width measure 8.37 feet, and the 11.58-foot tail swing keeps the carne within maximum outrigger width. The optional MAXbase variable outrigger system is designed to provide added setup flexibility on irregular ground, as well as to provide increased capacity, compared with the 360-degree standard load chart. The new crane features Manitowoc’s Crane Control System and can travel with a maximum 20.2 tons of counterweight.

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