by Katie Weiler, Managing Editor | September 28, 2010

Grove YardBoss craneGrove has expanded its YardBoss line of cranes to include the 9-ton YB4409-2, which fits between the 8.5-ton YB4409 and 10.5-ton YB4411. The new crane takes the upper portion of the YB4411 and mounts it on the chassis of the YB4409. Additionally, the 22-ton YB7722 and YB7722XL replace the 20-ton 7720/7720XL models. The new cranes have a 15-ton deck carrying capacity and 15-ton on-rubber capacity. YB7722 has a 43-foot, three-section boom; XL version has a 67-foot, five section boom. YB4409-2 has a three-section, 31-foot main boom and is able to offset the job.