September 28, 2010

Gradall XL 4300 III Wheeled ExcavatorWith the new Gradall XL 4300 III wheeled excavator, maximum digging depth has been extended to 21 feet 3 inches and boom reach at groundline is stretched to 30 feet 4 inches. The work capabilities of the XL 4300 III, powered by a new 173-horsepower Detroit Mercedes engine, is complemented by the 43,000-pound machine's stability with front axle oscillation locks, says Gradall. The entire boom tilts, rather than only a boom-end accessory, meaning no boom-end power is lost on jobs requiring mass excavation, trenching, spreading rip-rap, demolition or pavement removal. The tilting boom is able to place buckets, grapples, hammers and other attachments in precise position from any direction.

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