Graco Redesigns Matrix

September 28, 2010

Graco’s Matrix Wireless Fluid Management System has been redesigned to more easily track, monitor, and report lubricating oil and anti-freeze use for auto dealerships, fleet maintenance facilities, off-road maintenance shops, and industrial in-plant lubrication. System components include dispense meters, Tank Level Monitors (TLM), Transceivers, Pump Air Controls (PAC), and operating software.

Matrix uses wireless technology to initiate dispense orders and monitor tank level information via the Transceiver. The PAC reduces unauthorized dispensing by turning on the normally closed pump air supply only when Matrix authorizes the dispense. This also eliminates the risk of pumping the fluid container dry if a leak develops downstream of the pump. The TLM monitors fluid levels in the tanks and can automatically e-mail the data to oil distributors to prevent stock-out issues.

The new Matrix is designed with three software platforms offering a full range of fluid management solutions from a small to large shop. If requirements change, it’s easy to upgrade later. The Premier platform can be interfaced with fully supported, ADP and Reynolds and Reynolds dealership management software using an approved interface. A third part interface for the Premier and Professional platforms can also be configured to other business management software if ADP or Reynolds is not being used.