GPS Reduces Need For Equipment

Staff | September 28, 2010

A 7-mile section of Interstate 75 between Bridgeport and Birch Run is being reconstructed and widened with concrete. The southbound lanes were reconstructed in 2007 and the northbound lanes are being reconstructed this year. The approximately $50-million project is expected to be completed in October. Interstate Highway Construction is the prime contractor for the project.

Interstate Highway Construction is using a Cat 14M motor grader, a Cat 14H motor grader, a third Cat grader, a Cat D6R dozer, and a Cat D7R dozer, all equipped with a Topcon 8000 series global positioning system (GPS).

Interstate Highway Construction is using the Topcon GPS system to do finish grading. GPS has allowed Interstate Highway Construction to use less equipment to do the same job as conventional grading, according to Mike Fitzpatrick, president of Michigan Laser, Inc., of Novi. Michigan Laser, Inc. is a Topcon dealer.

Anlaan Construction is a subcontractor that is reconstructing the bridges on the project. The project includes 70,000 tons of 4G open grade base under the main line; 350,000 tons of class two subbase; approximately 72,000 feet of concrete valley gutter; and approximately 179,000 square yards of P-1 modified concrete pavement.