Govt. Issues Infra. Report Cards in 50 States


Report card.

On Monday, the White House issued report cards for all 50 states in a bid to highlight why officials say a massive infrastructure bill is necessary. According to The Hill, the Biden administration released fact sheets that break down how each state stacks up in 12 key areas of infrastructure that would be addressed under the American Jobs Plan. 

President Biden’s $2.3 trillion proposal will invest in traditional infrastructure like roads and railways, as well as more progressive areas like the care economy and climate-friendly industries. 

The state-by-state report offers assessments of how each state is faring in terms of roads and bridges, public transportation, resilient infrastructure, drinking water, housing, broadband, manufacturing, and more.

The vast majority of states received an overall grade of C or C-minus, with Georgia and Utah leading the pack with C-plus grades. Several states received D grades. The fact sheets reflect how the White House is attempting to appeal to leaders at the state and local level to garner support for Biden’s infrastructure plan, according to The Hill. 

The president will meet with members of Congress at the White House on Monday for the first time since announcing his jobs plan, the article reports. The bill has faced Republican resistance over its contents and proposed way of paying for the costs.