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GOMACO GT-3200 Paves Zero-Clearance Sidewalks


Concrete Pavers

GOMACO GT-3200, three-track paver is designed for zero-clearance sidewalk rehabilitation, and has an adjustable aggregate base mold on the front and a sidewalk paving mold on the rear. It can be equipped with a front-mounted adjustable aggregate base mold to spread the base aggregate for the sidewalk. During the first pass, rock is placed on grade and an auger spreads the material, while three pan vibrators mounted to the mold start the compaction process. The base mold has two heavy-duty hydraulic cylinders that provide 14 inches of hydraulic lift for setting the grade depth below the track line and raising the mold for the paving pass. During the second paving pass, the sidewalk is slipformed with a minimum-clearance trailing mold. The paver has a 20-inch wide, 14-foot long folding conveyor that allows ready-mix trucks to discharge from the street instead of driving over existing curb to reach the paver. It has all-track steering. For transport, users fold the conveyor and drive the GT-3200 onto the trailer. Paver has G+ control system and C4.4T Caterpillar engine with 91 horsepower.

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