Gomaco GT-3200 Curb-and-Gutter Paver

September 28, 2010


Gomaco GT-3200 curb and cutter paver

New-generation GT-3200 curb-and-gutter machine from Gomaco now has right side/left side pour capability. To accommodate paving in either direction, the operator's platform has a modular design, andit has been positioned for optimum viewing of all paving aspects. The dual-pour capability is accomplished by the machine's front track assembly, which can be either mounted to a flange on the front for left-side pour, or to a flange on the back for right-side. The conveyor accommodates both directions. The machine has faster tracking and paving speeds than its predecessor as well as increased maneuverability. Two-speed track motors move the machine up to 125 fpm, and maximum paving speed is 50 fpm. Estimated list price: $170,000.