GOMACO G22 Digital Control

September 28, 2010
According to GOMACO, the company has revolutionized its machine-control system with the introduction of the new G22 digital control system. The system features a dual-language option (English and the customer’s choice) and a graphic display with colored pictograms depicting machine functions. The G22 was built on the technology and user-friendliness of the G21 system, says the company, but has enhanced those features. The system’s display features TFT (Thin Film Transfer), flat-panel technology with an anti-glare screen, and sensor-controlled backlighting. The new control system simplifies machine steering control, says GOMACO, providing push-button steering setup and “train-able” track steering, allowing the operator to “teach” the machine’s “smart cylinders” to set a desired degree of leg rotation to avoid striking obstacles in minimum-clearance or zero-clearance situations. Also, the G22’s system diagnostics automatically pinpoint and identify electrical faults. The new system also interfaces with “string-less” control systems, and it has network architecture to enhance expandability and to provide the ability to communicate with external computer systems.