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GOMACO Commander II


Curb and Gutter Paver

GOMACO Commander II two track curb and gutter machine combines the simplicity of a two track paver with the GOMACO G+ digital control system.

The Commander II two-track curb-and-gutter machine combines the simplicity of a two-track paver with the GOMACO G+ digital control system. The new model is designed for a range of applications (including curb and gutter, safety barrier, irrigation canal, recreational path, and shoulders) and can simultaneously trim and pour, being equipped with a 60-inch-wide, sectional, direct-drive trimmer head for grade preparation that ensures maximum concrete utilization, says GOMACO.

The paver uses a 102-horsepower Tier-4 Kohler engine and provides travel speeds to 82 feet per minute. Concrete is fed into the hopper via a 20-inch-wide, 6-foot long conveyor belt, which can operate at speeds up to 350 feet per minute. The operator’s platform is isolated to eliminate vibration, and a pivoting control console is designed to provide the operator “hands-on control” and wide visibility in all applications. G+ control allows independent track drive for enhanced control. The Commander II can be shipped on a truck at 8.4 feet wide.

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