On-the-Go Smoothness Readings for Concrete and Asphalt

September 28, 2010

Gomaco Smoothness Indicator (GSI)The GOMACO Smoothness Indicator (GSI) provides smoothness readings for both wet and cured concrete and for asphalt pavement. The new machine uses non-contact technology to gauge the smoothness of new pavement as it's placed, providing an immediate graphic display of results and allowing contractors to adjust the surface while material is still in a plastic state. The GSI, says GOMACO, also can be used to check sub-grade smoothness for optimum material yield, or to check the stringline accuracy before paving begins. The GSI can be directly mounted to the paving pan or to a separate machine. Configured to read two lanes (four traces) and mounted on the paver frame, the GSI's list price is estimated at $188,000.

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