GME Offers Port-A-Bridge

September 28, 2010

GME has developed the Port-A-Bridge™, a portable modular bridge system designed for rapid delivery and installation at the jobsite.

The bridge units are designed to meet specific U.S. loading criteria, in accordance with AASHTO-US bridge design code by licensed professional engineers. Each unit can safely handle HS25 loading and typical heavy-duty dump trucks.

The bridge is available in 10 foot increments, from 20 feet to 50 feet long. Each section is 6 feet wide. Two units joined together form a 12 foot wide single lane structure that allows vehicles, equipment, or foot traffic to proceed over or around the construction site or impassable area.

Typically, a bridge can be installed in minutes. Units can be loaded onto a truck with a heavy-duty fork truck or small crane. Contractors on-site can install the units using excavators, or small rough terrain cranes. It is designed to permit the formation of multiple spans in multiple lanes, utilizing the standard length units. The fully welded structural steel units feature steel decking. Units also feature a vehicular crash barrier, also designed and detailed to accommodate pedestrian traffic.