GM Adds Insights to OnStar

November 7, 2019
2020 GMC Denali pickup truck

OnStar Vehicle Insights telematics solution gives fleet managers real-time vehicle data, including location driver performance information.

“We listened to our fleet customers’ feedback and have created a turnkey telematics solution,” said Ed Peper, U.S. VP, General Motors Fleet, in a prepared statement. “OnStar Vehicle Insights helps simplify the fleet management process, allowing our fleet customers, large and small, to save time and money.”

OnStar Vehicle Insights is compatible with most 2015 model year and newer Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac vehicles, and will cost $15.99 per vehicle, per month.

“This is just the beginning for OnStar Vehicle Insights,” said Michelle Calloway, head of OnStar Vehicle Insights, GM Global Innovation. “We plan to expand our service offerings over time, including the addition of mixed fleet compatibility, so even more customers will have the ability to experience the benefits of our telematics solution in the future.”

Features include:

  • Vehicle Locator. View the location of all fleet vehicles in real time.
  • Vehicle Health. View vehicle mileage, oil life and fuel efficiency, as well as receive preventative service prompts and maintenance notifications.
  • Driver Performance. View driver behaviors and trips taken, and receive safety alerts around specific events, like exceeding a specified speed limit.
  • Business Insights. View a simplified performance dashboard that aggregates data and presents trends that are helpful for business operation.

OnStar Vehicle Insights can also help maximize fleet productivity by offering fleet drivers a range of tools they can use to help save time, stay organized and more:

  • Remote Commands. Lock, unlock and remote start a vehicle from the OnStar Vehicle Insights website instead of waiting on a locksmith.
  • Trip Summaries. Maintain and reference trip history in an organized manner.
  • Driving Performance. Drivers can view their driving behaviors, like hard-braking events, as well as their driver performance score, so they are aware of any behaviors that need improvement.

Source: General Motors

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