Gilmore TOOL LINK Coupler

November 27, 2012

The Gilmore TOOL LINK coupler for hydraulic excavators, built by Gilmore Manufacturing, Carlisle, Iowa, differs significantly from quick-couplers of more conventional design.

Instead of mounting at the end of the dipper stick as do conventional couplers, the Gilmore TOOL LINK has a male half that pins to the tip of the boom, and a female half that is either pinned or welded to a boom-mounted work tool or to a dipper stick that has a pinned work tool. A competent operator can bring the coupler halves together in about 30 seconds, says Gilmore. Once together, a positive locking system makes the connection secure, using both a latching mechanism and a wedge pin driven into each end of the female section. A spring-applied/hydraulically released locking mechanism secures the pins.

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