Georgia-Pacific Gypsum LLC Releases Results of Study

Staff | September 28, 2010

Georgia-Pacific Gypsum LLC recently announced the results of a study, developed with Turner Construction of Boston, MA, that shows significant scheduling — and therefore financial — benefits of using Dens™ Brand paperless, moisture-resistant fiberglass mat gypsum products. Paperless fiberglass mat gypsum panels are designed as a replacement for paper-faced panels in commercial and residential buildings. Dens Brand panels have fiberglass mats front and back that provide superior moisture and mold resistance compared to traditional paper-faced panels. In the study, Turner used advanced Building Information Modeling (BIM) software to model an assisted living facility in the Northeast to identify and show how significant efficiencies in the sequence and construction process can benefit architects, general contractors and building owners. Model construction of the $90-million commercial project showed that installing moisture- and mold-resistant DensArmor Plus® interior drywall from Georgia-Pacific Gypsum accelerated the construction process by up to 10 weeks. The potential savings in both time and money were a result of being able to install the gypsum panels earlier in the construction cycle before a structure is fully enclosed, allowing crews to work simultaneously and compressing schedules.