Genie S-80, S-85 Telescoping Boom Aerial Platform

By Rod Sutton, Editor in Chief | September 28, 2010
Genie redesigned its S-80 and S-85 telescoping boom lifts

Five years ago, Genie introduced its virtual pivot boom assembly on its 60- and 65-foot telescoping boom aerial lift platforms. They’ve now adapted the design to its 80- and 85-foot telescoping booms, the S-80 and S-85.

With the new features, Genie was able to eliminate extendable axles, says Alan Lofurno, global general manager for the Genie boom product line. Axles extend to provide stability on the ground and withdraw to allow for easy transport. These axles stay put, he says, giving the boom lifts an easily transportable 8-foot-2-inch width.

Stability is maintained by the virtual pivot boom assembly. As the boom is extended, the geometry configures itself to keep the weight of the boom over the chassis’ center of gravity. As a result, the boom will extend to full height more quickly, with the 80-foot boom reaching maximum height in 68 seconds.

Operation of the telescoping boom lift was improved through the implementation of a Genie-designed software package that controls boom angle, monitors hydraulic flow for multiple functions, and adjusts lift speed to eliminate hard stops at the top of the boom’s reach.

During an onsite demonstration of the aerial lift, we moved quickly to maximum height, slowing near the top without experiencing a jarring stop. Multiple boom functions were handled smoothly with no discernable slowing.

Other design improvements include active oscillating axle, redesigned control box labels on top and bottom panels, and hard hydraulic lines where possible. In another move to eliminate service trouble spots, the former shotgun-cylinder boom assembly was redesigned as a single-cylinder boom assembly with sequencing cable system. This, according to Genie, not only reduces boom weight, but also is less costly to inspect and repair.

Genie has specific weight goals as the axle and boom configuration were designed, says product manager Phil Harvey, so Genie reduced horizontal reach by 11 inches. “Our customer surveys indicated that less machine weight was more important than losing inches in reach,” Harvey says. The new models weigh about 2,200 pounds more than previous versions.

Genie S-80, S-85 Basic Specifications

  S-80 S-85
Platform Height 80' 85'
Horizontal Reach 71'6” 76'6”
Lift Capacity 500 lb. 500 lb.
Platform Rotation 160 degrees 160 degrees
Weight (4WD) 35,500 lb. 38,000 lb.