Genie GS-4655 Scissor Lift

September 20, 2019
Genie GS-4655 scissor lift at work outside.
Genie GS-4655 has an outside working height of 34 feet 6 inches.

The Genie GS-4655 scissor lift has an indoor working height of 52 feet and an outside height of 34 feet 6 inches. It can lift up to 770 pounds. The unit measures 4 feet 7 inches wide, and has a 4-foot extension deck.

An AC electric drive system replaces hydraulic drive motors with fully sealed electric motors. It also has regenerative braking.

The MEWP has dual zone capabilities in order to comply with ANSI wind-rating requirements. It can be used at full height indoors, with reduced maximum platform height outdoors. “Indoor” and “Outdoor” zone selection buttons enable operators to select the appropriate zone to match the working environment.

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