Genesis New Demolition Recycler

September 28, 2010

Genesis Attachments has introduced the Genesis Demolition Recycler (GDR) for processing concrete, both as part of the demolition process and when debris needs further downsizing.

Designed for third-member use on machines in the 45,000 lb. class and larger, the GDR delivers 115 tons of crushing force at the tip (without the use of an intensifier), a 32-inch jaw depth, a jaw opening of 35 inches, and a 5.5 second (@ 66gpm) cycle time. This is the largest jaw Genesis has ever offered on a tool that mounts on a 20-ton class machine.

The GDR can be custom-configured according to the end-user’s specific needs, with as few as five pulverizing teeth and 16-inch blades, to as many as 19 pulverizing teeth and a 4-inch cutting blade. With a tooth-heavy configuration, it can downsize oversized debris in a concrete recycling application.