General TE95 Tire for Soil Compaction


Equipment Maintenance and Repair

General TE95 tire

The General TE95 tire features high traction, especially for soil compaction work in road and construction applications and is equipped with V.ply technology.

The optimized tire contour of the tire ensures even pressure distribution on construction vehicles, such as single-drum compactors. Because sandy, muddy or stony soil can prove challenging, the tire’s geometric, robust tread blocks were also specifically designed to provide continuous traction performance in a variety of soil conditions, the company says.

V.ply technology combines the advantages of cross-ply tires and radial tires, by integrating a weave pattern of different strands laid out at special angles. Since steel cord does not provide an optimal bond between the carcass and the rubber casing, V.ply technology uses a high-strength polymer.