Gehl RT250 Compact Track Loader

March 28, 2013

RT250 compact track loader has an operating capacity (35 percent) of 2,500 pounds, and is powered by a 74.3-horsepower Deutz TD 3.6 engine. The CTL delivers 243 lb.-ft. or torque and 14,317 pounds of tractive effort. Automatic Track Tensioning System eliminates the need to manually tension track before operation. Tension properly tightens upon start-up and releases when the machine shuts down. The extra-large operator’s station has joystick controls mounted directly to the suspension seat frame, allowing them to move with the operator as the machine travels. Controls, armrests, restraint bar and foot pod depth are adjustable to accommodate any size operator. Customizable, easy-to- use multi-function display incorporates all warning/operation lights.

Gehl RT250 Compact Track Loader Specifications

  • ROC @ 35% tipping load: 2,500 pounds
  • ROC @ 50% tipping load: 3,571 pounds
  • Tipping load: 7,143 pounds
  • Gross power @ 2,300 rpm: 74.3 horsepower
  • Lift height: 128 inches