Gehl DL7-42

September 28, 2010

Of the 14 telehandler models offered by Gehl, five are part of the customer-oriented deluxe Dynalift Series, which is designed for end users who own the machine and run it daily. 

The DL7-42’s 57-cubic-foot cab features a suspension seat with a 3-inch seatbelt, a five-position tilt steering wheel, and an armrest. Other features include an automotive-style wraparound dash and a rear axle alignment light. Once the light turns green, the operator knows his axle is aligned. To run the machine, The DL7-42 employs a single tri-function joystick that has four buttons: two for fork tilt and two for auxiliary functions. The auxiliary functions are electro-hydraulic and must be metered manually by a remotely located valve.

Featuring a Tier 3-compliant, side-mounted 115-hp John Deere 4045T turbocharged diesel, the unit also has a standard pre-cleaner to extend the life of the air filters. Engine and turbo cooling are combined into a single, large capacity unit. 

The engine drives a Dana T16000 powershift transmission, which uses an electronic self-diagnostic system, and Carraro 2648 axles.Wet disc brakes are internal, and the parking brake is external and in line with the drive shaft. By moving the parking brake outside, the service brake has a greater cooling capacity for longer brake life. Virtually everything, right down to the fuel fill point, is secured under the engine hood. A master battery disconnect adds security.

The DL7-42’s engine featured an emergency override system. If low oil or high engine temperature are sensed it will shut down. An override allows starting the machine for 30 seconds of run time. Hydraulic lines are in a fully enclosed external carrier on the high-mounted boom.
The boom extends 44'4" and can take 6,000 pounds to the top; the unit also can lift 7,000 pounds to 36 feet. Capacity at the 30'4" maximum forward reach is 1,000 pounds. A simple rear axle stabilization system locks the rear axle, sets the park brake, and disengages the transmission when the boom is lifted above 60 degrees.

Other options on the Gehl DL7-42 include a light kit, closed cab with heat and AC, a beacon, and roof glass. Gehl offers seven different sizes and types of tires from standard pneumatic to foam filled. At the Equipment Showcase, the machine featured the new 13x24 Solid Flex tire option. While this is an expensive option, Gehl believes these tires will last three or four times longer than foam fill.

Gehl uses the same Dynattach system on its Dynalift and RS product lines so they can share attachments between the two different model families. Additionally, Gehl offers a second attachment system, the Dynacarrier, which is only available on the DL and is designed for buckets and grapplers that require higher breakout forces reaching up to 11,000 pounds. Gehl has 17 different attachments that can be used with the Dynattach and 16 with the Dynacarrier. One is the PWP Safety System, which can only be used with the Dynattach system. This Gehl exclusive allows for boom operation and engine start and stop with a handheld wireless remote, a feature that works great with the factory work platform. 
--Lift & Access