Gehl DL Gen:3 Series Telehandlers



Gehl DL Gen:3 Series includes four telehandlers models

The Gehl DL Gen:3 Series of telehandlers includes four models, featuring what the company calls an “all-in-one joystick,” allowing operators to control machines with one hand. The joystick controls boom extension and retraction, attachment tilt, auxiliary hydraulics, and travel forward and reverse.

The four models—the DL11-44 GEN:3, DL11-55 GEN:3, DL12-40 GEN:3, and DL12-55 GEN:3—have maximum lift capacities from 11,000 to 12,000 pounds and maximum lift heights from 40 feet four inches to 55 feet five inches.

Manitou Group’s product manager of telescopic handlers, Steve Kiskunas, said the all-in-one joystick will greatly improve efficiency and precision.

“Our new Gen:3 models cover a full range of capacities, lift heights, and attachments that make them equipped to handle demanding job sites,” he said.

The four models are powered with a 120-horsepower Tier 4 Cummins QSF 3.8L engine and Dana 4-speed transmission. Both provide excellect speed and strength capabilities, Gehl says, allowing operators to accomplish jobs quickly and efficiently. Operators can also select the four-wheel drive standard feature, or two-wheel, and crab steering.

Gehl DL Gen:3 also offers auxiliary flow rates and system pressure that delivers the hydraulic performance needed to power several attachments. These attachments include truss booms, work platforms, carriages, and grapple arms. Three types of attachment systems allow operators to switch between systems, including the Dynattach, Dynacarrier with wide support, or Dynacarrier with hydraulic locking attach. Dynattach offers an automatic locking system. The DL11-55 and the DL12-55 also feature front outriggers and boom tip auxiliary hydraulic lines as standard equipment. Both are also an option on the DL11-44 and DL12-40.

In addition, the series offers large cabs for optimal comfort and better visibility. Angled boom supports maximize operator sight lines, while an open boom tip increases visibility to the fork tips.

  DL11-44 DL11-55 DL12-40 DL12-55
Lift capacity 11,000 lb. 11,000 lb. 12,000 lb. 12,000 lb.
Max lift height 44'4" 55'5" 40'4" 55'5"
Capacity at max lift height 8,000 lb. 5,500 lb. 10,000 lb. 5,500 lb.
Max forward reach 30'6" 40'9" 26'4" 40'9"
Max capacity at max reach 2,000 lb. 2,000 lb. 2,000 lb. 2,000 lb.
Power 120 hp 120 hp 120 hp 120 hp
Turning radius 12'2" 12'2" 12'2" 12'2"