FRD Fx125 Series Hammers for Backhoes and Mini Excavators

January 15, 2016

The FRD Fx125 series mid-size hammer is designed for backhoes and mini excavators in the 10- to 15-ton carrier range.

It comes in two configurations: the TLB version and the Qtv version. The TLB version incorporates patented Switch Hitch technology, making the breaker adaptable to most rubber-tired backhoes. Attachment is as easy as inserting an indexing disc and rotating it to OEM center dimensions without the need for separate mounting brackets, the company says. The Qtv version works well on larger mini-excavators, especially in noise-sensitive working environments. According to FRD, carriers equipped with quick-couplers may now take advantage of the same floating top-mount boss mounting system as those supplied with the company’s larger hammers.