Four Ways Telematics Technology Can Contribute to Safety

May 11, 2017

There are still far too many construction-related deaths (one out of every five worker deaths occur in construction, according to the Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries) and managers need to understand technology solutions available to fight the problem.

One of the solutions is telematics implementation, says Teletrac Navman, calling the technology “a critical guardrail for companies that need to account for and ensure” employee safety.

There are a number of ways telematics can reduce construction-related accidents, including:

·         Automating vehicle, equipment and asset inspections (protecting workers from faulty machinery)

·         Asset tracking alerts managers where equipment should be at all times (discrepancies might raise a red flag and lead to a worker in danger)

·         Real-time feeds allow managers to course-correct poor driving performance in real time

·         In-vehicle cameras capture unsafe work behavior and lead to better training and appropriate discipline.

Regarding the last two points, at Construction Equipment, we’ve talked to dozens of equipment managers about cameras and other high-tech safety aids weighed against worker fears of “Big Brother.”

One by one, managers have told us that once the benefits of the technology become clear and safe operating habits increase, employees no longer fear the eye in the sky—or the eye in their cab.